I know how to do it...! The circle bit in the middle of a granny square that is...and I also learned how to use circular knitting needles so now I can knit beanie hats...
You might well think I'm even dafter than you originally thought, but learning something new helps to keep my mind from thinking about breathing and that sort of thing and I can't finish the quilt until I've bought some dye for the backing...
Now I've had a thought that if Heaton's, the cheap and cheerful shop, still has those soft fleecy throws at four euro each I could get one and use that as a backing instead...be much cheaper than Dylon dye which is awful expensive.
And I read the booklet which came with the oxygen condenser properly this afternoon and discovered it has a timer on it...it means you can keep track of how many hours you've used it. Mind you...it entails getting right down on the floor and peering at a teeny little screen to see the numbers...Himself did that part 'cos if I were to get down on the floor that's where I'd stay until someone hoicked me up again.
We'll have to pay out loadsofmoney soon 'cos the gas cooker is slowly dying. The oven keeps going off when there's something sitting on the shelf needing to be cooked, so we have to keep checking to make sure it's still on and the rings on top are obstinate and work when they choose to. Mind you, we've had it for eighteen years so it hasn't done too badly. The 'fridge is knackered as well and makes very peculiar noises...the Dyson vacuum sucks half-heartedly at the dust bunnies and it'd be best not to mention the washing machine. Himself has just this minute announced we ought to buy a microwave oven...which makes sense when you think.
And I've also only just remembered that I need to freeze the rhubarb before it goes hard and sort of woody...T made an excellent rhubarb crumble when they were here...and a rice pudding in the slow cooker...it was a bit of a novelty to have a pudding 'cos I don't bother now...we just have fruit or ice-cream.
Now I'm going to find a set of circular needles and a ball of wool to knit a hat...can do that while in bed on the settee without risking leaving sharp needles lying about to get me in the night.