A gloomy sort of a day to be sure...and it's June...and it's nippy.
The Cuckoo is still calling with his usual cuckoo rather than his changed note but then it is only the first of the month and perhaps too soon yet...
Himself has just lit the range and the lights are on...feckin' pathetic when you think how awful short the summer is anyway...maybe we'll move somewhere warm and sunny where we can lounge about on a pretty patio with large glasses of cheap red wine and an apricot tree dropping ripe fruit into our laps...
Father once brought a huge bag of apricots home from foreign climes...they were absolutely gorgeous. Another year he had a suitcase full of enormous ripe lemons...they were almost sweet enough to eat the way you would an orange. That was the time the Italian railways lost his car...never did find out if it reappeared.
Lidls often have apricots for sale, but they are awful small and sometimes a bit squishy.
I've been watching videos on YouTube...how to crochet fancy granny squares. For some unknown reason I seem to have acquired numerous crochet hooks and thought it might be a good idea to put them to some use. Did once make a truly enormous throw for the bed out of granny squares...wonder what happened to it, I've not seen sight of it for years. Probably' lost' in a house move.
The photos are cheerful today...one most of you will have seen on Multiply...Martin's daughter's wedding a couple of years ago, but Bernie hasn't seen it...and the other is an Alpine plant which is small but very pretty.
Himself once made an excellent sink/trough for alpines from cardboard boxes and cement...can't remember how it was done but I daresay YouTube will have a video as it does for virtually everything. We left it behind though as the removers decided it was far too heavy to lift...they were a bit pathetic actually.
Must be supper time.