Wendy came to visit last night...it's the first time we've spoken since January actually even though she lives next door but one. She greeted me with a yelp of horror over how much weight I've lost and then demonstrated her own 'muffin top' which she's acquired since she gave up smoking. That didn't last long...she's started again.
Jamie was very silly...very silly indeed. He went through to the tattoo parlours official website and left an unseemly message on it to be read by anyone who accessed the site...the chap who owns the parlour had an ideal punishment for him...he's had to stand on the corner of the street for six hours holding a placard advertising the tattoo parlour...
What a prat.
It's been chilly today...and I stayed asleep until lunchtime which annoys me no end...an entire morning wasted.
The neighbour at the end of the street died during the night...she had COPD but she didn't look after herself...was in and out of hospital all the time and refused much of the treatment she was offered. She was no age though.
And George died of Scorbutus which was the old name for Scurvy...the diet in the POW camp was appalling and certainly didn't include fresh fruit and vegetables. I found a list online of all the men thought to have died and which regiment they were attached to and their cause of death...many died from scurvy and from debility...a nicer way of saying starvation I suppose.
Did some sewing this afternoon...I've finished the small quilt top but need a backing fabric...we've some old plain white sheets so I'll get some dye and use the better parts of one of those for backing.
Himself has been cutting the buttercups down in our little field...they might look pretty enough but they smother the grass and donkeys and horses won't eat them...they are poisonous to equines and to cattle.
The field really needs digging up and reseeding with a grass mix but it's far too stony...the stones lie just under the surface and they'd wreck all but the most powerful machinery...
The starlings who nest in the potting shed wall have reared one batch of babies...now they're remaking the nest for the next lot. Flying in and out of the hole struggling with long bits of twig and strands of hay and swearing furiously if they happen to notice me watching.
I'm away then...have some new books to read on my Kindle.