And another lovely day...can't imagine why the weather is being so kind to us, so we're appreciating it while it lasts 'cos I'm willing to bet the rain isn't far away! Mind you the sun dived behind a cloud the minute I decided to sit outside this I sewed some more of the patchwork quilt instead.

It'll only be a small quilt because my machine isn't big enough to cope with copious amounts of fabric and I dislike hand sewing so prefer to quilt on the machine...I do enjoy cross-stitch but that isn't really like sewing.

Poor Eilis had been chewing at her back foot for the past couple of days...didn't think to have a proper look because she's often gnawing her nails...then to my horror I saw one of her claws had actually embedded in her foot pad...however she was managing to walk and run on it heaven Himself took her to the vets this morning and she cut all her nails and fished the sharp end of the offending claw out of her pad and clipped it short.

Jamie went sloping past earlier...his school has finished now until September and he's looking for a job...but he wasn't awfully tidy and his boot laces were undone...he seems to have tried everywhere in town and no-one is interested...there isn't any industry anyway and the shops all have a full quota of staff.

Himself borrowed Jonny's horsebox and took the two old boys down to the end of the street to graze on a small piece of land there...there's plenty of shelter in the way of a high hedge so when it rains they'll stay reasonably dry. Neddy would never have walked there...he's just too old and frail now to go more than a few yards before he needs to rest awhile. They were good about getting into the box though...didn't exactly hop straight in, but they didn't play up either...

Three photographs today...Harebells on the Ox mountain road...steps across the wall of the ancient St Patricks burial ground and Millie's tail next to a fossil on Dromore beach.