Well...they've gone back to Blighty and here we are on our own again. Teresa was brilliant...she cooked suppers and washed up and remembered boiled water for my oxygen machine and Reuben sorted out my camera...hence all the new photos...and made cups of tea and mended the lawn mower.
And before I forget...it was Reuben who told us for the first time that he was visited by the ghost/spirit of a small boy wearing a striped jumper...it was the middle of the night when they were still using the caravan. He woke up with a start to see a little boy crouching down looking at him intently...I never did much like going into the caravan...perhaps that is why.
Anyway their shed is finished apart from curtains and a few pictures to hang on the walls...they're going to frame some of the photos they've taken over the years they've been coming over...
The caravan is in the forestry land down the road filled to bursting point with stuff out of the stone sheds Jason knocked down...Jamie slept in it one night and declared it to be too cold so it's ended up totally wrecked.
The weather wasn't anything to write home about last week...cloudy and drizzly most days apart from a couple of afternoons when we were able to sit outside in the sun. It's awful cold today...not much like early summer at all.
My oxygen machine is excellent...I'm waking up earlier and feeling much brighter...though I didn't this morning....slept through everyone having breakfast and the dogs barking...but there you are, Paddy's law because T and Reuben needed to be at the airport early.
It has made a difference though...still befuddled, but then I was always slightly dippy so it's par for the course and it's doubtful extra oxygen will cure it...
The small portable oxygen cylinders come with a back pack and I'm allowed six portables a month which will be plenty enough for now. They also brought a huge oxygen bottle to connect to the condenser in case of power failures...it's a comfort to have that, though it is decidedly enormous and unattractive so it's in the barn until needed.