It was awful cold today, but we battled on regardless, and went to the ocean travelling on the very narrow road across the Ox mountains...we stopped by the river Moy...famous for salmon fishing...and let Millie run about for a little while we ate our picnic lunch in the was too cold to sit outside.
Saw a few scatty sheep and a buzzard circling overhead but none of the feral goats which live in the area...
Reuben has sorted out my camera and the laptop so now I can take photos again!
We stopped at a place called Augris Head where there is a little thatched 'pub almost on the beach and had a drink...Himself had a glass of Guinness, T had a pot of tea, Reuben had a lager and I had a proper Irish coffee with lashings of thick cream...and there was chocolate sprinkled on the top.
It was still far too cold to wander about so we wended our way home.
Chinese take-a-away for supper tonight...small portion of prawn balls for me.