Still haven't heard anything about the oxygen...I spoke with the nurse at the surgery this morning and she's going to chase it up...probably have half a dozen Damian's turning up on the doorstep now all clutching oxygen tanks and lengths of'll be fun having the hose draped about everywhere 'cos Himself already trips over everything as it is...dogs feet...dogs feet...steps etc...
I'm getting a bit disheartened about the housework now...oddly enough I don't mind untidy, that doesn't bother me at all. But I don't like every surface covered in dust and the floor just looks plain grubby so I've been having a bit of a think about having a cleaning lady come in once a week to do her best with the worst of it...Himself does vacuum but not often enough and he never thinks of going underneath anything like the chairs or the chest where the dust bunnies breed and thrive...he probably wouldn't mind if it was just once a week.
It isn't nice to keep nagging him when he already does an awful lot without complaining... though it might mean buying a new Dyson...ours is ancient and pretty well knackered. And they'd not have to mind about spiders...just seen two gigantic ones in the bathroom, actually they'll have to go before T comes to stay otherwise she'll have the heebie jeebies and no mistake.
It's rained today practically non-stop and the winds been strong and's knocking my flowers about dreadfully. Wet weather brings out the slimy ones in force...I did sort through the pots and picked out very small grey slugs and enormous edible snails and a couple of those which make me shudder...the orange ones with a sort of frill at the edges. You'd think they'd be attractive, but they make me feel queasy.
They must be able to communicate...slugs and snails I mean...they seem to congregate together whether that's to eat a pansy or to semi-hibernate in the winter...the old apple tree has a long broken bit of branch with a hollow cleft...and that is always stuffed full of big green slugs. I did, rather unkindly, poke them all out one day with a bit of stick and counted twenty-two. So do they chat to each other I wonder...'follow me, I've found an excellent place to sleep' or perhaps one snail says to another 'you like purple pansies don't you? come with me, I know where there are some really yummy ones'
No doubt someone somewhere has written a research paper about it.