It's nearly finished...just have a few patches which could do with a second coat and then I can begin putting the stuff back in. Everything which isn't in regular use is going to be bagged up and put in the barn...if I label the bags it ought to be easy enough to find things when I need them...and that barn is dry and is now mouse free...since we put the poison down we've not seen a single mousey...though they do tend to move out once the warmer weather comes.
There are two pairs of swallows who nest in there but they won't be inclined to rip the bags open to see if there's anything they can nibble...
It has been another glorious sunny day...a sitting outside with a long cool drink sort of a day but our garden chairs have fallen to bits and the hammock sort of disintegrated last summer so we've to get some chairs at least. I brought the one remaining chair into the shower so I have something to sit on when I go all over wobbly...did cast a brief eye over proper bath aids and I was horrified by the cost...they are only fancy stools after all, covered in a bit of plastic. I could ask the OT people but then I'd get that weird bloke and I can't be doing with him.
Thank heavens I found that site for people with's such a relief to read that others could sleep for hour upon hour and that many people are cross and grouchy and snap and get seriously pissed off with being covered in bruises and not being able to walk without a stick and being treated like an eejit by consultants...though by a stroke of luck, the consultants I've seen so far have been excellent. Supposed to be going to see a new one on Wednesday but I doubt I'll make it...we have to go out on Tuesday and that means I'll be fit for nothing on Wednesday...
Daily life has to be planned out carefully!
The cuckoo is back...just saying.
And a gem I found in the paper...a girl of twelve has had a baby...her boyfriend is thirteen...they are in love and plan to marry...the best part is that her twenty-nine year old father is quoted as saying...'I'm really proud of her'
Nothing you can say to that really.