It's done. My shed is fully lined with insulation and hardboard...deep joy!
And I found a whole tin of unopened paint in the's slightly off white but that doesn't much's white enough for the purpose...haven't any idea why we bought that paint in the first place but that doesn't matter'll save some cash which I might put towards a carpet off-cut for the floor. There's a shop in town which sells off-cuts...most of them are foul. The sort of carpeting you see in town 'pubs which are trying to be something they're not but he does have plain and muted patterns as well.
And Henry and Christy have gone to their new home. It took an hour and a half to get them into the box...glad I wasn't there. They took one look and galloped away with three men in hot pursuit...two ancient chaps...the new owner and Himself...and one not yet in his dotage...I bet there was some language. Eventually they were caught and man-handled into the box and the tail-gate shut quickly and then away they went...
Kevin had turkey sandwiches today instead of dead pig which he brought last time...I told him about turkeys and geese having their feet dipped into tar so they could walk from Norfolk to London for the Christmas markets...I don't think he believed me though, judging by the expression on his face.
He's going to save the next bath he takes out of a house if the owners don't want it...but the idea of using them as a garden has really caught on and not many people discard them anymore. He's given one chap eight baths altogether...he grows all his veggies in them because he was sick and tired of having slugs chomp their way through everything he planted...don't think I'd be wanting eight baths actually.
The swallows are late...last year they appeared on April 14th and the year before that it was the 12th...I hope the Italians haven't eaten them all...though they might not now, they used to...catch them in nets and then cook and eat them which seems slightly peculiar when all you'd get is a very small mouthful for all the trouble.
I'm going to see if there's anything exciting I can do with chicken fillets...