We went into Carrick-on-Shannon this afternoon and did some grocery shopping in Tesco's...while I grumbled and groused and complained bitterly about how expensive that shop is and just why did we come here anyway and Himself said he thought it would make a nice change as I'd not been anywhere recently...a nice change indeed.
There is an excellent garden centre on the way but the wind was icy cold so we thought it better to leave a visit there until the weather warms up a little...it's quite small but the people are friendly and helpful and there's a fat white cat who sits among the indoor potted plants. There's a spaniel as well, though she doesn't sit among the plants.
The main road has a huge rookery just behind the stone walls...dozens and dozens of great untidy twiggy nests with the owners and builders screaming obscenities at each other, you can hear them above the sound of the car engine...a little way further on is a turlough...one of those odd natural occurrences where a natural depression in the soil fills up with water overnight and then simply disappears again after a few days. The last time we drove past it is was full of water and covered with swans...today there were half a dozen cows grazing on the grass there.
So, we've not achieved much today...
But there you go...there's always tomorrow.