Himself is getting seriously ratty! Grumpy old bugger he can be at times you know...and I swear it's because he can't hear or see...has glasses to read but refuses to take them with him when he goes out so can't read the shopping list unless I print it in huge capitals...refuses to admit he can't hear out of one ear...had hearing tests and the Doctor told him his hearing was fine which is an outright fib...keeps calling Eilis, Eileen 'cos he knows it irritates me to death...not that the stupid dog much cares...and now he's having a huge sulk about the bath...especially when I said I was going to ask Kevin for an old one to use as a pond.
I want to grow all the flowers he's cut down you see...a big pot of marjoram for the bees and butterflies and some of those lovely Arum lilies...the supermarket had a few in pots today but they were already in flower...forced I expect. And there are loads of other flowers and herbs which will do well enough.
The farmers stores had paint for plastic...both spray and in tins...the spray was a bit expensive so I bought a tin instead to paint the plastic flowerpots...most of my lovely old clay pots have been wrecked by frosts over the years. And I bought a gas heater as well...for the bathroom mostly, until Kevin has lined my shed, and then I'm going to put it in there during the winter months. It'll be much cheaper than the lecky.
We'll need to get another one though for the bathroom...I've found with the shower I cool down much more quickly than with having a bath and end up with the shivers...Himself doesn't of course! I think he only says it's plenty warm enough in the bathroom to be awkward and make me feel like I'm making a fuss...
There was a box of ladies razors on the checkouts...usually 14€ special offer 1€ each...quite how anyone can justify buying a special ladies razor in pink for 14€ goodness knows...then I read the packet and it vibrates...honestly. You get a tiny battery with it and it vibrates while removing hair...so I got one for Teresa...it'll give her the giggles.
So, other than exciting purchases like vibrating razors and tins of paint, the rest of the shopping was the usual...potatoes and bread and a cabbage for the rabbit...that sort of thing...
The clocks go forward tomorrow and from tomorrow onwards it'll grow lighter every evening until by June it'll still be light enough to see outside until after eleven...and the swallows will start to return after about April the 12th or thereabouts...so spring must be on its way. It does seem to have been an awful long winter though...perhaps because of the endless grey skies and constant rain.
I'm so looking forward to planting the pots and the bath...and having my shed lined...and some sunshine.