I read such a lovely story today on the news...a woman in Australia gave birth to premature twins...the baby girl was grand...not a bother on her but her brother was declared dead after the doctors had struggled to resuscitate him.
He was given to his mother for a first and last cuddle...she, acting on instinct I suppose, took off her hospital gown and his swaddling blanket and laid him on her bare skin...she talked to him and told him about his twin sister and stroked his face and he jerked. The doctors said it was purely reflex. She gave him a drop of breast milk from the end of her finger...and he sucked at it.
She held his tiny hand and his fingers grasped hers...the doctors were totally astounded...
Her baby boy is now five months old and doing well in all respects.
The laying of a newborn in distress on the mothers skin is called the Kangaroo method or care...it's been proven to not only assist in bonding but also to promote the baby's immune system and to help with under developed lungs in prems.
The Australian mother had never heard of the Kangaroo method...she acted purely out of instinct...and now has a perfectly healthy baby she thought she'd lost.