This re-cycling lark is all very well...or should the expression be re-purposing...not sure. It's awful hard work anyway whatever you might call it.
Making rag rugs is a case in point...I've been making them for ages and some of the first ones are looking decidedly the worse for wear after being washed so often, so it's time they were regulated to the front of the kitchen sink and outside the back door.
They literally cost pennies to make...I buy double or king size duvet covers from the charity shops which rarely cost more than a euro each, and a piece of hessian which Frances sells for a euro a metre...but the duvet covers have to be torn into strips of more or less equal width and then chopped into short lengths and a whole basket full looks plenty until I've done a few rows and the supply is dwindling rapidly and need to tear and cut some more...
I was keen on plaited rugs for a while but sewing the plaits together is worse than hard work have to use a needle the size of a poker and extra strong thread and it's quite a boring way to spend a few hours. No point in watching television while doing it 'cos then I ended up with stabbed fingers and blood all over the place...
Then there is the bath. The idea of turning it into a little garden really seriously appeals...but it would have to be filled with soil and shovelled in...I can't do that...and Himself looked askance at the idea and asked where would he get the soil from, which isn't as daft a question as you might think...take the topsoil off and whatever he decides to grow there won't, 'cos the topsoil...the best part...will be in the bath. And there are goats in one section of the garden and dogs in another...the cats are mostly by the riverbank. He'd not be wanting to dig a decomposed goat wouldn't be nice at all.
And it would need to be painted on the outside...the bath that is...not the decomposed goat.
So repurposing the bath seems like such an excellent idea...until you come to the work involved in doing so.
And then there are jam jars. Use them for storage. And that's a grand idea until you try to remove that sticky stuff the labels are stuck on with, and need to resort to using nail varnish remover. So the next time I want to change my nail colour I have to wait until I've bought some more remover 'cos the last lot went on scrubbing a Uncle Ben's Curry Sauce label.
Recycling CD's sounds like an excellent idea...I saw it on YouTube. You peel the labels and the silver looked incredibly easy on the video but wasn't...then you paint a design on with glass paints...drill a hole in the top for a bit of thin wire and you have a pretty sun the time I'd finally managed to remove the surface and found my glass paints they'd all dried up and were no use to anyone...
Old newspapers do work though for making baskets and it's a soothing way to spend an roll pages round a kebab stick and then weave them together...a hefty dose of glue and some left over paint and you have a serviceable basket...I made one for Himself to put his loose change and the car keys in...he even uses it sometimes.
It's wild and windy tonight...better batten down the hatches.