The gormless ones have fixed the was full of germs apparently. But they’ve hidden everything, including Word, so I’m typing this on the desktop because I’ll be blessed if I can find it. It’s probably under the counter or in a box of screws...
Kevin is charging about like a flea in a fit ‘cos he’s almost finished and he needs to go and check on his pregnant cows before dark...he’s done the tiling part but will grout them tomorrow morning.
After yesterdays glorious weather its back to being cold and overcast today...could easily have had another couple of days of sunshine...wouldn’t have complained in the slightest. The meter reader man said he’d heard on the radio that the rain began on Nov 12th and up to today’s date we’ve only had two entire days and nights without any rain at wonder everywhere is soggy.
The electricity bill arrived this morning and was downright frightening and it’s my entire fault. The little blow heater I use in the shed is gobbling up lecky as fast as it can...either I don’t use the shed in the winter or will have to find an alternative form of’ll probably be better once it’s lined and insulated I suppose.
In the meantime I’ll have to wear more jumpers...and a woolly hat. And a scarf and gloves.
I looked up hallucinogenic toads and frogs...Bernie mentioned licking toads to get a ‘high’...wouldn’t fancy it myself. But many people can ‘milk’ them like a poisonous snake and then dry the venom and smoke it. It’s like LSD and was very popular among the Sixties hippies...and it’s becoming the ‘in’ thing again apparently.
There aren’t any in Ireland mind you, so I’ll have to stick with the fruitless searches for magic mushrooms...