The panels are up on the walls for the shower now and the electrician, Sean, a loud lad with bright red hair, poked screwdrivers into sockets and that sort of thing so now there is a pull cord and the wires are ready for the heater/shower head to be mounted.
Kevin left early today ‘cos he hasn’t enough non-slip tiles in the same colour for the base...I told him make up a pattern then but he’s a bit particular and wanted it just right.
While we were having lunch I was talking about people having ‘the cure’...Kevin suddenly said...’I have the cure for burns’. So I was all agog to hear’ll probably not believe it but to acquire the cure for burns you need to come across a Common Lizard...doesn’t work if you deliberately go out searching for one pick it up and lick its belly...and the Lizard immediately keels over stone dead.
But you now have ‘the cure’. The Lizard has passed it on to you.
Kevin’s little girl inadvertently touched the hot stove so he licked the place and it healed straight away...
He doesn’t tell many people ‘cos he said he wouldn’t care for licking just anyone. Perfectly reasonable I think.
But maybe slightly odder than licking Lizards tummies, is the woman Kevin knows who has ‘the cure’ for a disease which affects ewes udders when they have lambs at foot...she doesn’t visit the afflicted ewes or even see the field they are in...It’s all done over the telephone. You tell her how many sheep you have altogether and then you leave them for three can count them of course but from outside the field. At the end of the three days you can enter the field and examine the udders and the disease will have disappeared.
Now that was always could give her a small gift but in common with people who hold ‘the cure’ she didn’t ask for money and you never offered her any. All has changed...Kevin rang her this morning to ask would she cure his sheep because some have bad udders and she asked for eighty Euros...up front.
I thought it was something which would disappear of its own accord after a few days but he assured me it won’t...he used the Irish word for whatever this udder complaint is and I forgot to ask him to spell it out for me.
And last but not least...the humble Frog. If the Frogs are bright green in colour we’ll have an excellent summer...if they are greeny-brown then we won’t.
It’s a pity he only allows himself half-an-hour for lunch...he might have come up with more interesting stories!