Installing a shower seems perfectly straightforward...take bath out...put shower in place. Done.
But...I have a gigantic Easter/Christmas cactus plant which sits on its own small table...I actually stole both plants in the form of filching a leaf...then planted them both in the same pot...they've been entwined ever since. The Christmas cactus came from the Queens house in Norfolk...Sandringham...and the Easter one came from the kitchens of a small stately home here in Ireland. I also nicked a baby spider from a spider plant in Sandringham but it died.
Then there is a wooden over-mantel and mirror which sits on top of a big chest of drawers...two shelves in the corner for shampoo and such-like...the collection of small Buddha's...laundry basket and other sundries...all have to come out to give Kevin room to move...
I trotted out triumphantly with the Buddha's...Himself has wrested the shelves off the wall...leaving enormous holes where the screws were of course...and then he wanted to know where to put the plant. So I disappeared into my shed and didn't reappear for quite some time.
The two cats were caterwauling fit to burst...they play fight but never swear at each other, so I went to see what the problem was and saw they had a terrified looking black and white cat raised a feeble paw and they both tried to back away and they simply chased it, uttering blood curdling yowls...poor little sod didn't stand a chance so I intervened and told my two to feck off...the interloper shot straight up a tree and he or she is still there...sitting on a branch looking miffed.
There are several feral cats about...Henry and Mary used to put food out for them...don't know whether they still pick their kittens up at your peril, no matter how sweet and appealing they might's all tooth and claw and even when they are little, they'll kick up a terrible racket. If the she cat appears it's best to drop the kitten and beat a hasty retreat...they can be seriously wicked.
Eilis was a bit under the weather last night...she buries little bits of biscuit for a rainy day and decided that day had arrived she went all round her secret stashes and dug them up...then ate them. Some of those bits of Bonio had probably been under the apple tree since last summer...she had some on the muck heap and a few near my shed and she worked her way around and dug them all up and ate every single last morsel.
She didn't want her tea...didn't shout...and Eilis is very shouty...I kept prodding and poking her but she just slept and slept...then this morning she was back to her old self...dashing in and out of the kitchen and barking fit to burst. So that was alright. She might be a pain in the bottom but I'll miss her when she's gone.
It's been quite pleasant today...and there's certainly a good stretch in the days now...doesn't get dark until six and this morning the birds were singing before it was light...always a good sign of impending Spring.