We didn't catch so much as the briefest glimpse of the Northern Lights...the donkeys are all bawling and they've had their supper...and I shouldn't have Googled COPD...Wendy's horses have gone to pastures new...a friends place somewhere miles away before you panic and think she's shot them...Himself hasn't fed the dogs yet and it's an hour after their usual time so Eilis is all over twitchy and keeps rolling her eyes and Millie's bestest ball has disappeared in the undergrowth...she mooches about with her tail down and the most miserable expression I've ever seen on a small dogs face.
My nebuliser tube keeps shooting out of the thingy so I have to hold onto it like grim death and it's rained practically all day and I ought to have gone back to bed this morning if I'd had any sense...which I haven't. I was trying to make a padded holder for my 'phone which I must have done a million times before...padded holders for stuff I mean...and couldn't get to grips with the blessed thing and I've run out of my very best glue and Himself put something totally indescribable on the range and it billowed great clouds of evil smelling smoke out all over the street and when I asked whatever it was ...he said wood.
And there are cobwebs everywhere and Michael has pooed on the windowsill in the kitchen and we've run out of rice and I keep forgetting to use the slow cooker until it's too late and that site about COPD was really horrible actually and Bobby sat outside in the pouring rain like a proper eejit and got himself soaked through and then sat under my desk and sort of steamed and kept showing his teeth when I swore at him.
And my best purple slippers have started to smell nasty and they were made in China and the chicken I put in the oven had loads of spiky bits where the feathers were and those so called new potatoes that Himself bought have started to go green and I bet he won't know how to make the gravy. And he keeps on about treacle pudding and if he wants one then he can make it himself and he quite forgot to buy me some Brie.
So I've poured a large glass of Blackberry Whiskey which is actually rather yummy though I say so myself and I shall go to bed early and watch a television programme about digging up dead people.