Well...that was all very exciting...two chaps turned up with a digger and planted the new electricity pole this morning.
How are we going to get into your field they asked...can we go over the wall...very feckin' funny said Himself. So they had to go through Hubert's field and then take two branches off a tree and then they just sort of blundered about until a big enough gap appeared between our two fields...it's all a bit of a mess actually.
Digging the hole would appear to be straightforward until the man working the digger met with enormous rocks and had to break them up using a sort of large power drill...and the hole was filling with water as fast as he drilled and that made a bit of a mess as well...
And it wasn't so much as earth coming out of the water filled hole as thick gooey clay...all sticky and lumpy and quite revolting.
Anyway...they planted the new pole right beside the old one and left the machine parked in the middle of the mud and sludge and went home.
That very, very big tree that is only a rotten stump now...you know the one...right over in the corner near where there was a shed for a donkey...that tree. Hubert told Himself that two men cut that down with a band saw about fifty years ago...and the electricity poles have also been up for fifty years, since the lecky came to our street.
There wasn't much of the tree stump left...now there's nothing much at all since the remains were run over by the man in the digger...Hubert didn't know what kind of tree it was...a tree is a tree as far as he's concerned.
I'm going to poke about round there tomorrow to see if anything interesting has been unearthed...
The plumber came as well and he seems nice...he immediately said he loved the cottage and that it had character...then he looked at the bathroom. Tiling would be a huge problem because the walls bulge inwards, so he's suggested some sort of plastic panelling which doesn't have to be flush to the walls...but other than that he was positive about the job and recommends an electric shower which heats the water when you turn it on...that sounds fine to us.
And he knows a roofer who isn't dodgy...I suspect it might be Mick the Leprechaun actually...anyway he's going to ask him to 'phone us...and he knows an electrician to do the wiring for the shower...brilliant altogether.