And another rainy day, but the Robin was determined not to let the weather get him down and he sang his heart out perched in the apple tree.
I stuck something together with hot glue and then varnished it...put it in front of my little blow heater to dry more quickly...the glue melted.
Stabbed my finger...again...with the pokey hole tool...and cooked some plastic beads in the you do. Quite forgot they'd stink to high heaven and nearly killed us and the dogs from the fumes...
Took several cans which once held dog food outside to spray the insides with white paint...not a breath of wind...until I'd shaken the can for the required minute and aimed it...then a gale blew up out of nowhere...the cans blew off the table and now the table has a streak of white gloss paint straight down the middle.
Not that it much matters...that garden table has been blown here there and everywhere and most of the edges are broken off and if we sit outside to eat, Eilis thinks that gives her carte blanche to sit in the middle of the table to have a nibble at what she fancies.
Felt a bit better over the weekend so I didn't go to the Doctors after's that feckin breathing test on Wednesday and they're giving me some gadget to measure how much oxygen I'm getting at night...which has to be returned the following day by twelve o'clock. I'm hoping my breathing is bad enough not to be shut in the booth but not so bad that they'll find me a bed...
And if that horrid woman is there and tries to bully me I shall tell her to go and boil her head.
But we have an Amber alert out for the weather...again...and Himself hates driving in high winds after the time he was poodling along and a tree jumped out of the hedge and attacked the car...and wrote it off. It was too squashed to mend.
Having said that we once had a of those built much like a tank...and it got sick and would have cost far too much to repair so we sold it for scrap. A couple of years later we were at the coast, and there in front of us was the Volvo. A disabled man had bought it...had it converted so he could drive it and thought it was the best car he'd ever driven or owned...wasn't a mite of trouble he said...he even liked the stickers the children had put on the back window...Save The Whales...Support Our Lifeboats...Greenpeace...actually the Greenpeace sticker was mine, now I come to think.
Himself was seriously pissed off and ate his ice-cream really quickly and then had indigestion on the way back home.