Everyone was away or out when I 'phoned to report that man...and I didn't want to leave a message as I'm unsure who his boss is...I'll try first thing tomorrow before the staff are settled into their daily routine.
So it was a funny sort of a day all told...Himself is sad at the thought of dipping into the savings...I keep looking at the Buddha expecting his eyes to light up or for him to suddenly keel over the back of the settee and squash Eilis...it's been raining again after two fine days and Nancy attacked Otto.
Nancy is a Border Collie and quite slender...Otto is that horrible, mountainous Rottweiler belonging to Marian across the way...luckily Otto was wearing his muzzles...he has to wear two...and his thick chains...two of those as well...because otherwise he'd have murdered Nancy without even thinking about it.
Marian managed to get Otto away and shoved him in the back of her van, along with a myriad assorted dogs of differing sizes and breeds...her husband won't speak to Himself anymore after the day he asked him to go to Dublin to collect two young Rottweiler's for him...Himself said he wasn't able for the drive there and back in one day and didn't much care for having two very large puppies in the back of the car either...what anyone with any sense would want three horrible dogs for is anybody's guess.
Lulu used to have a Pit-bull...that was when Dancymina was just a toddler and I was there one day when Lu gave Dancy the dogs food in his bowl and told her to feed him...I thought I'd be sick with fright and was so, so cross with her...she thought I was being 'over-protective' and told me to 'chill'
Dancymina acquired her name through the Registrar who had grown extremely impatient with Lu who had left it until the eleventh hour as usual to choose a name and register the baby's birth...she'd taken one of those Name Your Baby books to the office with her and was searching through it...the Registrar asked what she called the baby at home...Dancymina was the reply...that'll do nicely said the Registrar.
The second baby was named Emerald Electra...she was born in the car park of a big electrical warehouse which is painted green...
The Pit-Bull had an engorged tick on its back one day...Lu and her partner didn't know what it was and I told them and they said would I ever pull it off and I said no...that dog used to roll its eyes at me and it liked me as much as I liked it. So they took it to the vet and he pulled the tick off and charged them €30.
And told them to never take it out in public without a muzzle ever again. Don't know what happened to the dog ...I expect they gave it away.
I've never been bitten by a dog...a pig, a donkey, a fox and a human but in all the years we've rescued and owned dogs I've escaped being bitten...even the times when a dog has been cornered and is almost wild. The donkey bite probably hurt the most because she sank her teeth into my thigh and ripped the jeans I was wearing...the fox would come a close second...poor little sod was frightened and I wasn't wearing gloves so it served me right...the pig bit my leg as well, but it was only half grown and I'd just stuck a needle into its bottom. All those bites healed rapidly with the copious use of tee-tree oil...the human bite involved over a week in hospital and vast amounts of anti-biotics and having the wound scrubbed out under ultra violet lights and Doctors gathered at the foot of my bed debating whether or not to amputate as though I was both deaf and daft.
My English Grannies dogs were snappy but they didn't actually dare bite because my cousins and I used to kick them when they congregated under the table at meal times...my Mother's Pekingese were snappy but having flat faces and those awful googly eyes made them more figures of fun than a danger...they used to meet with my feet on occasions actually and my younger brother 'fessed up to doing exactly the same.
I don't much care for dogs as pets to be honest...I'd much rather have cats...Millie is alright...she does have a personality and her spelling has improved...Eilis is fine and Bobby is a rescue who turned into a grand dog...but I'd still much rather have cats sitting on the windowsill and curled up beside me and I adore tiny kittens. I love the way they race about and climb the curtains and cause havoc...puppies will pull at your trouser legs and chew everything in sight and suddenly pee on the floor with no warning whatsoever and they throw up all their dinner and then try to eat it again and cry to come on the bed with you and cry when you go out and cry when they can't see you...
Mind you...cat bites can go septic at the drop of a hat.