Hello...it's Millie. Mummy said I ought to write a blog even if my paws ache a bit from my walk. And she says I'm in deep disgrace.
I went to town with Daddy in the car and he left me while he went to buy something and I ate every single one of those special chews. And it was a full packet. And Daddy scolded me and then he told Mummy and she scolded me as well and now I've got a bit of a tummy-ache and it serves me right they both said.
And anyway I don't like my walks anymore 'cos that horrid little dog comes as well and I don't like her one bit everybody thinks she's sweet and they pick her up and talk silly talk to her and I'd quite like to bite her actually. And she's all sort of licky and she tries to sniff my bottom and I think that is very rude.
She barks at Tom's bull which is very silly 'cos he's big and wicked and she ought to keep away from him in case he stands on her and she eats rubbish that we aren't allowed to. She ate some chips she found in a box and the dog she lives with ate some as well but Daddy wouldn't let me and Bobby have any and I think that's mean.
So I don't like going for walks much anymore and Mummy has put me on a diet 'cos she says I'm grossly fat and it keeps on raining and I don't like getting wet and Eilis makes horrible faces at me when I jump on the settee so I have to sleep on the mat and my wart is growing as well. Mummy's Doctors dog has a wart just like mine and he was cross when the dog doctor poked it he showed Mummy a photo of his dogs wart on his 'phone and Mummy said it was just like my wart and he told her not to bring me to the dog doctor cos he doesn't know what he's doing with warts on dogs. So I suppose my wart will just grow and grow.
I am a bit miserable actually cos I want to go to the beach and that nice place where there are lots of boats and really interesting smells but I have to wait until the weather is better and we can take a picnic and then I get to eat the crusts from the sandwiches and get sand all over the back seat of the car.
But I hope all my friends are well,
Love from your friend Millie xxx