Didn't feel very well today so I stayed in bed all morning...well...stayed on the settee which is my bed for the time being.
Then this afternoon I'd perked up a little and rolled newspaper into strips. And wished my hands didn't keep getting cramp and my fingers ending up at quite strange angles actually...sort of stuck out and weird looking.
Now, the newspaper weaving is something I found on YouTube...you roll sheets of paper round a knitting needle for instance and when you've made dozens you can weave them into a basket!
It looks seriously easy...when the clever Spanish woman does it...her baskets are brilliant altogether and had me raiding yesterdays Sunday Times for the Business section to try one of her designs out...think, on reflection, it'd have been better to make a simple basket first 'cos I did rather get in a muddle...and had glue all over my crampy fingers and the table and the newspaper I hadn't yet rolled...
But I like crafts that involve something you'd throw away...there is another video on how to make flowers from plastic spoons...haven't watched that yet as I don't possess any plastic spoons...
Ages ago I bought a gadget to make firelogs from newspaper...you use torn up newspaper and soak it in water and then put the drained paper into the gadget and pull two handles up to get the water out...out comes a damp log which you dry and then burn on the fire. And they work...last for ages actually and burn away happily. But pulling those handles up means you need muscles like Arnie and they take ages to dry...even on top of the radiators. And you need stacks of newspapers and we only buy the Sunday Times once a week.
Then Himself pinched my tub I was soaking the paper in...so I don't do it anymore.
Which has made me think of the phrase which strikes terror in my heart...'I'll just borrow this and bring it straight back'...and 'this' could be anything from the corkscrew to my best dressing making scissors...I did once catch him going out of the back door with the fish slice.