About three years ago I had a contact on Multiply...an American man in his early sixties.
He was waiting for his retirement.
Working in a job he loathed, with people he disliked.
He had sufficient funds to retire early, but, through I what suspect was stubbornness, he refused to do so despite all his on-line contacts urging him to think about it.
Don used to make beautiful models of cars, mostly old American vehicles which he bought in kit form. He'd quite a stash of those kits on a shelf, ready and waiting for the day he retired from work and could sit in his den and make up all those models he loved so much.
One day I received a message from a mutual friend. Don had died suddenly from a heart attack.
It isn't everyone who can afford to take early retirement...not everyone can afford to indulge in a relatively expensive hobby...but you can do small stuff now. We have a simple bird-feeder hanging outside the sitting room window which is covered in different small birds all the hours of daylight. And people look at them and marvel how close they can get to see them and some have said...'I've always wanted one of those feeders'...then get one I say...'Oh I don't know...maybe I will' is all too often the reply. And I know they'll do no such thing.
Now that is making the moral of this tale far too simplistic...but if you've always had a yen for something simple which would enrich your life...why wait? Why keep thinking...maybe one day.
Don thought that...he thought he'd have more time to spend with his disabled wife...when he retired. He used to write of the niggles he had about his work and say he couldn't wait...until he retired. He'd post photographs of the latest model kit he'd bought...he was going to make that...when he retired.
Much has to be relegated to a bottomless bucket list...of course it does, because of a variety of reasons...poor health or insufficient funds stashed away...but if you've always lusted after an expensive perfume but passed the counter by and bought a bottle of something cheap and stinky instead...throw caution to the winds and get the smallest bottle of the expensive one...you might have to eat baked beans on toast for a week, but you'll smell gorgeous and look stunning because you feel so good.
Just don't visit me if you swamp yourself in that dreadful Opium...