Didn't intend to sound woebegone with yesterdays blog about the family not visiting...truth is having people come to stay en masse can be quite knackering...and they did tend to descend mob-handed. And actually we don't have space for more than about four people at a time...add a couple of children and I find myself wanting to push the walls out a bit to make some room...
And they do tend to be...well, big. My son is six foot four and built like the side of a brick shit house so he takes up a huge amount of space...his wifey is decidedly plump...and the rest are' well-covered' shall I say...putting three or four around our table and serving supper so everyone is eating from their own plate and not that of their neighbours, was a skill I didn't bother to learn.
They stayed in a rented cottage in town...in case you thought we made them bed down with the donkeys...but ate with us.
I think Chris hit the nail on the head when he commented that they were used to our big house in Norfolk...maybe it was a shock to land at Knock airport which is tiny, and end up in a very small and rather decrepit cottage in the middle of nowhere in particular. Just as well they didn't visit when we lived in our first cottage, because Sheep used to practically live in the kitchen and she slept on the settee with the dogs.
And Chris also pointed out that they may well have expected proper guided tours round stately homes with a guide in uniform and notices saying 'Do Not Sit On The Furniture'...maybe they simply didn't believe us when we said you'll only need a bit of spending money for a drink and some baccy.
What I do find interesting though is the plain fact that, apart from Teresa and Reuben, they aren't actually very nice people...not really. They are rather narrow-minded and stuck in their ways...too concerned with possessions and money and owning a new car.
It doesn't matter...not in the scheme of things...they have their own lives to lead, which they are all well able for...and they have work and good homes and healthy children...we must have done something right!