We seem to have some weather...the kind of weather which makes hibernation sound like an excellent idea. The wind has blown the two compost bins away...the big barn roof is hanging on with a wish and a prayer and the old trees around our field look down-right precarious...the branches do anyway. And the rain is lashing down...when it isn't snowing.
I didn't go to the hospital to be shut in a box...was feeling like a wrung out dish cloth actually...but one look outside the door decided it...it'd be foolhardy to travel any further than the cross-roads, never mind travelling for twenty miles along a narrow tree-lined road...that'd just be silly.
So I wrapped long scarves around my head and face and battled the short distance to my shed...closed the door firmly and put the heater on high and sorted out an enormous collection of ribbons...I swear they've been breeding. And I opened an old container of Gesso...it's a sort of primer for card and paper...the smell almost knocked me over and I lit a stick of incense 'cos it was the sort of smell which would have lingered for a long time and had people gagging until the summer.
Himself has been trying to toss ropes over the barn roof to tie to concrete blocks to hold the sheets of corrugated tin down...all the little sheds have stout wires firmly tethered to old horseshoes hammered into gaps between the stones so there is no fear of them losing their roofs.
And the little river at the bottom of the garden is racing away down to the Lough as though the very hounds of hell are right behind it...it's difficult to imagine how it is in summer...meandering along with shoals of tiny fish in the shallows and cumbersome crayfish, like elderly gentlemen with a touch of gout, clambering carefully over the rocks.
Sometimes a Mallard duck comes paddling along with her babies following close behind...a pair of Dippers nest in the riverbank and once I saw a Kingfisher go darting by...just the briefest glimpse of vivid turquoise...
No sensible duck would attempt to swim down the river while it's in full spate though...and the crayfish are hidden away, wherever it is that crayfish live.
But we're not flooded out of our home like so many have been...