If I read about just one more person announcing in a self-satisfied way that they refuse to take pharmaceutical medication because...it doesn't suit them or they dislike the companies that produce those meds...so help me I'll shake them until their teeth rattle.
Without taking those scorned meds I'd have been stone cold dead years ago...as would many of my friends.
Inhaling and swallowing pharmaceuticals has kept me alive and kicking way past my sell by date...I'd like to rely on herbals...of course I would...and for preference I'd much rather go without taking anything at all...but that 'ain't sensible if I'd like to have some quality of life.
And of course there are side effects...herbs have side effects as well...actually many herbs can make you become insane while curing your original ailment...I have to take tablets to stop stomach bleeding because of the steroids...and the steroids cause massive bruising...and I daresay Glaxo or whoever, is making money hand over fist because of people just like me...but without the Glaxo's of this world I'd be as dead as a doornail.
But those self-satisfied people who proudly announce they would never support a huge drug producing company haven't had breast cancer or needed pain relief when they've broken a leg...they've never needed to welcome a shot of morphine or be heartily thankful for some powerful antibiotics.
Lucky for them...it's a pity they don't stop and have a bit of a think before they cheerfully announce they wouldn't use the services of a pharmaceutical company when they are commenting on a blog written by a person who would much rather they were hale and hearty actually.
One of my daughter-in-laws has had cancer and survived...she has heart problems also...and temporal lobe epilepsy...she has had operations and chemotherapy and swallowed enough medication to sink a battleship...without those prescribed medications she would not be alive. She'd have left my son a widower and their children motherless if she'd refused to take her pills and potions because she didn't want to fill the coffers of Glaxo and their ilk or was overly concerned about side effects...
So, stop for a minute...have a think before you post...