Unidentified Flying Objects more often known as simply UFO's are something I've never seen...and I've only ever met one person who was convinced they exist...actually, she was verging on the obsessive and travelled all over the world in pursuit of different 'sighting' and places most likely for them to appear.
Betty ran the Irish UFO society...they had regular meetings on the hill where the statue of the Celtic Horseman stands at the beginning of the Curlew mountains...if you've been reading my blogs for a while I've written about the new road which runs through those mountains and the huge number of ancient artefacts found there while the road was being built.
Everything from burial places to amber beads to weaponry...from the earliest times up to the 18thc. The entire area is heaving with ruins of castles and fortified houses...the famous cairns on the summit of Carrowkeel are within sight and Lough Key lies below with its many islands...some of which have standing stones and early church ruins.
I knew Betty quite well and she would often say that the aliens visited that particular area so often because of the wealth of history there...but Betty was an eccentric and her mind -set was firmly fixed on those who came to visit us from other planets...she knew little of the historic aspect of the Curlews...until I talked about it with her...
I can't quite equate spaceships with the story of Red Hugh and his men having to eat their horses while crossing the mountains during a particularly hard winter...or the cairns on Carrowkeel which were built to house the cremated ashes of the peoples who lived in the surrounding area six thousand or so years ago...
Red Hugh was intent on murder and mayhem so I don't much care that he had to eat his horse...but of what interest would that history be to a being from space?
Maybe the cairns might well be...they stand out because they are situated on top of a high mountain so could conceivably act as some sort of marker if you were captain of an alien craft...did those Neolithic people see UFO's...was one of the reasons they built those tombs in that place to ensure they might have contact with alien beings...
It is obvious enough that our little planet of earth is not the only one in the entire universe which supports life...why should it be the only one, among billions and billions of other planets and stars. Just because no-one has yet identified another 'earth' doesn't mean there isn't one. But supposing our alien friends who zoom around in saucer shaped craft aren't really the sort of folk we'd like to know and become bosom friends with...what then?
Why do most common portrayals of aliens feature humanoid figures...why not a blob of green jelly with an intelligence and knowledge far exceeding our own?
Betty's house was filled with beautiful crystals she'd collected from all over the world...and figurines of aliens. Little people with pointy ears and an eye in the middle of their forehead...some had two eyes admittedly, but most only had the one. They looked a little like the Irish Leprechauns...just lacking the toadstool to sit upon.
There have been countless stories of people who say they were abducted by beings from space...poked and prodded and then let go again to sell their story to a tabloid newspaper...but why-ever did the spacemen let them go ? Why weren't they kept...like a sort of pet? And taken back to the aliens homeplace as a trophy...we'd do that surely, if an alien were to land unexpectedly on earth.
If there are such craft as UFO's why don't they land on earth more often...do they peek through the round windows and shudder in horror at the mess we've made of our little planet and hastily fly back to where they came from?
Or are they as thick as planks and are just sort of roaming about and don't have the wit or wisdom to take a closer look at us humans...
Now I've seen strange cloud formations and satellites' and we once saw an incredibly odd aircraft in the skies over Norfolk in England...I 'phoned the local U.S.A.F. base to ask what it was and they were very cagey indeed...turned out to be the Blackbird...a creepy sort of spy-plane. It flew right over our house but the girl on duty denied it vehemently...but I've never seen anything even remotely like a UFO.