We went to Carrick-on-Shannon this morning...it's a real tourist trap in summer because there are several boat-yards where you can hire a boat for the day...to cruise down the Shannon...or have a much more expensive one for a week or so. Being bitterly cold and wet, there were few people actually walking about, apart from a few hardy souls with dogs...but the rather grand hotels along the water front were busy enough with people having coffees in the sun lounges.
Lidl's came up trumps again with guillotines for sale...something I've been wanting for ages...one side is the very fearsome blade and the other has a selection of edges...straight, wavy or perforated. It was only €16 so I hastily put one in my trolley 'cos there were only two left. And a huge jar of Nescafe coffee...€4 cheaper than Tesco's...and a big tin of Lyles Golden Syrup which Himself likes on his morning porridge. And I bought a pair of black leggings in soft cotton for €3.
Not quite sure why I'm writing about shopping actually...if I find it boring doing it, it must be equally boring to read about.
While reading the instructions for the guillotine when we were back home again I was amused to see the warning that 'Should not be used for cutting fingernails or toe-nails'...quite how you'd manage to squeeze your toes under the blade is anyone's guess.
I've been watching some craft videos on YouTube recently, one of which was making beads from scrap paper, so I spent the rest of the afternoon rolling strips of paper up and giving them lashings of glue to hold together...it's one of those rather mindless occupations which suit a wet and stormy afternoon. As I have several bottles of gluggy nail varnish I'm going to use those to varnish and colour the beads when the glue is dry...and I must post photos of the stuff I've been making recently...it just takes an effort to get the old desk top fired up and working in order to put the photos on...
Himself battled the elements to take Bobby and Millie for a walk...Eilis took one look at the weather and retreated indoors again...I'll be glad when the sun comes out in earnest and the icy winds stop blowing then I can go as well...it's been ages since I even went as far as the bridge.
My turn to get the supper...don't quite know what it'll be yet...the freezer will probably have something lurking in its depths.