It was very much the fashion at one time to go for therapy...all sorts of therapy...but one which was popular was regressing into your past life or lives...always made me think people who did so had more money than sense actually. But then I'm a horrible sceptic at the best of times.
And it was rather like the so-called professional ghost hunters...that god-awful Derek Accora springs immediately to mind...the past lives therapists invariably found out you'd been a hand-maiden to a Roman Emperor or Queen Victoria's most favourite was ever a mill-girl or a laundry worker...or spent their working life bent double on a windy field picking up stones.
And the men?...Well, they were soldiers naturally...or explorers to faraway places...not a coal miner or a baker.
Never anything plain ordinary or humble.
And your past life was usually filled with grief and died horribly or suffered much...certainly didn't live to a ripe old age and fall fast asleep beside the fire never to wake again...too boring I suppose.
It's easy enough to be scathing and dismissive over those to suggest they can put you in touch with who you once were...and I'll be the first in the queue to announce they are charlatans out to make a quick bob and those who seek their help are sad and misguided...
I'm uncertain about past lives ...or a past life. Do we simply cast off our earthly body and our soul enters a new body at the time of our death? If we live for an average life span of about eighty years wouldn't we be ever so slightly over-whelmed by our past lives by now? How do you begin to decide which past life...always supposing there is such a do you decide which one to recall...whether under some sort of a therapist or not...
Do you happily plump for the most interesting one...being a foot soldier in a famous battle and committing some heroic deed...or do you choose the time when you were a maid of all work scrubbing floors and cleaning out the can change sexes you see...when you go back a bit into a former life. You might well be male now but you could have been female in 1600. And vice versa.
I used to have a recurrent dream of riding a grey pony with a lad holding the bridle and carrying some sort of was clear and vivid and it was when I was studying to become a I presumed I'd been a herbalist or a hedge witch in a former life and was travelling about on horseback with a faithful servant to carry the tools of my trade.
Could be a load of old codswallop of course...
But was it plain imagination...tracing my family tree hasn't thrown up anyone at all who was a healer...even going way back to the early Irish kings, so it's doubtful it is genetic ...and if it isn't a genetic trait, then is it evidence of a life I lived once before.
I don't you think you might have experienced a past life?