Never thought it would happen but I seem to be running out of steam for writing blogs...subject matter anyway.
Just been sitting here looking at the titles of the books on the shelves over my desk in the vain hope of gaining inspiration...done ring-forts...deviant burials...Brian awfully boring sort of a chap anyway...shown you how to make a St Bridgids cross...though that went down like a lead balloon as I recall, and I went out and bought straws 'specially.
Written countless times about the Faerie...and witchcraft...and bog bodies...and researching my family tree...and my peculiar Mother...just had a thought. If there is actually a heaven I wouldn't have to sit next to Mother on a fluffy white cloud would I? Could I ask St Peter to put me somewhere else instead?
You know all there is to know about the donkeys and shouty Eilis...and burying donkeys heads under the floor and stuffing cats up chimneys and Irish footpads and highwaymen...
So I'm a bit sort of stuck.
All that happened today was the sun shone brilliantly and it hasn't rained yet...cold enough though...and a man called to ask would we please take his pony...and I made fat pincushions for my Etsy shop, which isn't open yet, so don't all rush.
You could choose a name if you far I've come up with 'Tanglewood' 'The Last Door On The Right' 'The Cat's Whiskers' and 'The Mad March Hare'
The name with most votes make it more interesting you could put them in order...if you feel so obligation.