Himself brought the wicker basket thingy into my shed for me this morning so now the bathroom radiator is fully exposed...as it were. It's boiling hot and does take most of the icy chill off.
So I've spent most of the day sorting out and putting fabric etc into some sort of order...the weather has been totally foul...high winds, rain and hail and a quick drift of snow. It's dawned on me that'd it be pointless to ask Neil to come and line the shed until the weather improves...so I'll hold fire on that for the time being. He'd be blown away while carrying sheets of hardboard and end up across the fields somewhere...
Plans for this coming week include taking Eilis to the vets to have her nails clipped...she'll hate it. When she runs on the road her feet never actually touch the ground for long enough to wear her nails down, and they grow horribly long ,and one of the back ones is beginning to curve right round towards her foot. No point in my trying to do them because she just has hysterics and makes the most god-awful racket...silly little dog.
One of my cats has a wound over his eye...either he's been fighting with next-doors-cat again or he tried to capture a mink...it looked a bit iffy so I approached him while holding a wodge of cotton wool soaked in Tea Tree oil in my hand...he looked appalled and raced away across the garden. He wouldn't come back naturally, no matter how appealing I made' here Kitty, Kitty' sound...then his brother seized my ankle with his sharp claws and bit me...hard.
Mind you, they are probably a bit miffed that Himself bought them Kit-e-Kat rather than the Whiskas that I get for them.
I haven't renewed my Ancestry account this month...I was getting a bit over-whelmed with ancestors and had Vikings and Mediaeval bods coming out of the past whichever way I looked...then I happened upon the Quakers...dozens of those...and that's before you reach the heady realms of the Victorians when all the land and grand houses were long lost and forgotten and everyone was a tailor or a baker or worked the land for someone else's benefit.
But I'll go back again...
The dead pig casserole was judged excellent by Himself...he said it was the best one I'd made so far...that was the slow cookers doing rather than me, but I accepted the praise gracefully... I'm going to try porridge tonight, so hopefully it'll be ready in time for breakfast. The recipes say to use steel cut oats which I'm presuming means oats that haven't been bashed about and squashed. Can't get those here, so it'll have to be Flahevins Organic Oats instead.
We used to have a Teas-Made...wonder what happened to that...it had an integral radio so you'd be startled awake by the shipping forecast at some ungodly hour in the morning...
There was a time when I was positively snooty about gadgets...couldn't understand why people gathered them around themselves at all...didn't even have a potato peeler. But I'm beginning to see that some gadgets make life so much easier...so long as they don't come apart in a hundred different pieces all of which require washing and then an degree in engineering to put them back together...can't be doing with that.
That's about it then...going to make some leaves to go with the crochet flowers tonight...then early to bed.