I'd been about to tell you of a television programme we watched last night about Big Foot or the Abominable Snowman...then it dawned on me I've already forgotten all the different names it has depending on which country it's been seen in...can't recall the name of the first bloke to climb Everest without oxygen...he is a German and one of his names is Rheingold...I think. He saw one...a Big Foot...lurking in a forest.
And the Nazi's shot one and had it stuffed in the 1930's while they were loitering with evil intent in Tibet...an un-attractive sort of a creature you'd not want to meet with on a dark night, but the taxidermist had put its teeth in its jaw upside down which rather ruined the effect...
There was an awful clever man who took DNA from some fur and discovered two of the creatures were related to...as in had the same DNA...as a prehistoric Polar Bear. Brown bears and Polar bears will mate when they happen to meet up with each other...so the clever bloke thinks that Big Foot is a hybrid of a Polar Bear and a Brown Bear...bit boring really!
But then I had a proper think...Polar Bears in Tibet and Nepal?
It was interesting...apart from an exceedingly irritating sound track.
We watched QI after that...I adore Stephen Fry...but I laughed so much I had a bit of a tummy ache.