We've collected the nebuliser and masks from a very nice girl in a tiny weenie office...so that's more stuff to find a home for when the sitting room is virtually at bursting point already. And, I'm to go on the medical equipment users list with the lecky people...if it should go off for any reason then people like me are first priority...I thought that was excellent.
The shower might take a while...had a letter today to say there's a waiting list, but that isn't urgent...
We bought a slow cooker from Tesco's 'cos I think Himself could manage stews and that sort of thing if he used one of those...there isn't a recipe book though, so I'll need to do some Googling before trying it out. You have one don't you Jenny? And like it?
Lidl's had some of those small wooden bed-trays...they were only €10 so I bought one of those as well...it isn't proper wood of course, probably plastic actually, but it looks alright and I can prop a book up on it...might decoupage the top first.
I suspect part of my problem is having been in some denial over how this feckin' disease affects daily life...so I've been announcing I'm grand and not a bother on me when I've been anything but...I can write about it, as I've done before, but it's almost as though I've been describing something which doesn't actually affect me...if you see what I mean.
Now, the roof. Top priority on the ever lengthening list of 'things which must be done'...finding a reliable and not outlandishly expensive roofer is the main sticking point...word of mouth recommendation is better than going through the small ads, when we could be landed with a dodgy geezer who doesn't speak English. And another on the top of the list is having my shed lined and insulated...it's a bit damp in there since I've not used it for a while...but I think Neil, who supplied and erected both sheds, would probably be perfectly able for the job...we'll go and see him during the week...he'll probably know of a roofer as well.
I'll write something tomorrow which is far removed from crappy lungs and bed-trays...!