I'm back...did you know I wasn't here?
Gracie did...thank you very much Gracie!
I eventually dragged myself off to the Doctors this afternoon 'cos it was obvious that my chest wasn't going away on its own...and he promptly scolded me for not coming in sooner...wrote out a prescription a yard long and then sent me into Marie for a session on the nebuliser. She's really nice...'Oh..it's your poor chest...I can hear you rattling'
Kitty has lambs! Well, one of her sheep has triplets skipping about in the field...the wet weather won't do them any good though...lambs can cope with the cold but not with this endless rain. You can get little waterproof jackets for them to wear but I suppose if you have dozens of lambs that can be expensive.
Haven't done much over the past couple of days...slept quite a lot actually and watched a few videos on YouTube for making stuff but most of the information went in one ear and out the other 'cos my head was so stuffed up.
Just read the news though and was horrified at reports that the Fat One in North Korea may have fed his ill-fated Uncle to a pack of dogs...while he was still alive. No-one is certain of course, but it sounds as though there may be truth to the stories. Pity he can't be removed by a carefully aimed Drone but then there would be others to take his place...