Mmm...the sun has been shining...all day. Now, I'm not grumbling you understand, but the combination of bright sunshine and clean spectacles' is not good...not good at all.
Every speck of dust...every dust bunny peeking out from under chairs, each little cobweb strung across corners...they all wave excitedly and those I don't see immediately shout...Coooeee!
The sitting room window is downright grubby...on the inside from Millie and Eilis's noses when they sit on the window sill when we are out...they think I don't know they do that but nothing else leaves snotty marks. And on the outside, from where the birds toss bits of seed and peanut out of the feeder which land on the wet glass and stick like glue.
So I decided to start small as it were and stuffed heaps of washing in the machine and then cleaned the bathroom. The sitting room could do with an overhaul but another day won't make much of a difference.
All the cards have been taken down...just the branch and it's baubles tomorrow...can't be doing with the decorations still up at New Year...think they look silly then.
We still have enough chocolate to open a sweetie shop...I'll eat about two small pieces of chocolate a year...and Himself has been very restrained...don't think he's started on the biscuits yet and the tin of Roses is still going strong.
Which reminds me of something I was thinking about before Christmas...there was a time when fancy biscuits and chocolates came in pretty tins...decorated with appealing kittens or idyllic scenes of picturesque villages...I haven't seen any like that for ages. Roses chocs just have their logo...biscuits are the same...Rover Assorted or Family Choice. My brother and I fought over who was to have the empty box of Black Magic because I wanted it to keep a jigsaw or my crayons in and he wanted it for tiny bits of his Meccano...neither of us confessed to actually really wanting the Labrador puppy photograph on the front of the box.
Didn't do any sewing today...apart from hemming round a piece of hessian to stop it from fraying all over the place. Reuben wants a rag rug for their shed...I have until May but I'm liable to forget how quickly the time passes and then realise it's only a week before they come. Better to make it's an ideal occupation while watching television actually because it doesn't require deep concentration.
Not that we watch much television to begin with...just as well we don't have to pay for a licence because we'd never get our money's worth...Jack and Alex were amazed when they first saw our's ever so small they said.
Their television is enormous...virtually covers one wall of their sitting room and it's always switched on...I find it quite disconcerting.
Himself tied the honeysuckle back to the front wall of the cottage'd been ripped away in the winds and the nest the blackbird built so carefully among the tendrils last Spring has fallen to bits. He took the dogs down a boreen this afternoon and they came home drenched...the grass is long and awful rank and sodden wet of course after all the heavy rain we've had.
That's about it for today...I think I'll have my favourite supper tonight of pasta and cheese sauce...Himself has the beef casserole left over from last night...need to up our veggie intake methinks.