Would someone please enlighten me as to the Duck Dynasty? One of them has been causing ripples 'cos he says homosexuality is a sin because the Bible says it is.
The Bible was written by many, many different people over a long period of time. Their times were different. They viewed their world in a different way...just as people two thousand years hence will suppress a giggle when they read about us and how incredibly backward and stupid we were...
There was a genuine reason for prohibiting sex with animals for instance...it causes diseases and isn't very nice. And it isn't quite the thing to sleep with your sister either...we can accept those rules because they make perfect sense even to our jaundiced eyes...the fact that people have totally ignored those snippets from the Holy Book for hundreds of years are neither here nor there. The Ancient Romans had sex with virtually anything that moved...frequently in public. But of course they weren't Christian so I suppose it didn't count as a sin. Not in their eyes anyway.
Sad and lonely folk have always turned to a favourite animal for sexual comfort...from shepherd boys on high mountains to farm workers in Dorset. Though nowadays we have the slightly odd who specialise in bestiality for the illicit thrill rather than because they can't find a willing human partner...not that I'd fancy having sex with a man who shags horses.
But we need to come back to that chap from Duck Dynasty who said homosexuality is a sin because the Bible says so. And I can't quite see what the fuss is all about. It is his opinion. He can surely be entitled to his opinion even if he's considered to be off the wall by expressing it. I think people who nail their penises to a block of wood are off their heads...anyone who shoves a mobile 'phone into their anus to gain a thrill must be totally barmy...but no-one is going to point me out or question my beliefs. Is it because the Bible doesn't mention nailing your penis to a block of wood and having to go to A and E because it's swollen up and gone a funny colour...
If we stop everyone who says something we don't agree with from expressing their opinion where exactly does that leave us?
Why does quoting the Bible suddenly make you a persona non gratis...why don't people simply say...that's what he believes...we don't.
But we don't. We quote said person over and over again and threaten him with expulsion from his TV programme and get ourselves all hot and bothered because he happens to believe something most of us don't.
In the grand scheme of things does it much matter if a TV idol falls off his perch for believing in an old book written by elderly men who sat about in tents in the desert scribbling does and don'ts for those common folk...
When we begin to censor what another believes...even if we find that belief out-moded or offensive, we are on the slippery slope to total control.