Last night was plain horrid...really high winds and lashing rain all night long. The roof of the back lobby kept lifting up and crashing down again...lucky it didn't just blow away I suppose. And the big barn roof stayed on much to our surprise. But I spent most of the night waking up with a start...then I needed a wee and then felt like a cup of tea but couldn't be bothered to make one and then couldn't get back to sleep until the next horrendous gust woke me up again.
But we do still have the electricity which is more than can be said for over 70,000 people and we haven't been flooded out either and needed to be rescued clutching the dogs and my cats...and the rabbit.
The street has been awful quiet today...apart from a brief ten minutes when the duck shooters went past in their posh 4x4's towing neat little boxes behind crammed with over-eager Spaniels...Bobby loathes the sound of guns and hides under the bed...the little dogs don't much care though. They're probably too deaf to notice the gunfire.
Where we live in the North-West is totally unsuitable for fox-hunting thank heavens...the fields are tiny and surrounded by stone walls...they'd be lethal to all but the most experienced horse and rider going at speed so we avoid the fox hunts...otter hunting is outlawed, not that it would make much difference, but there aren't any kennels of otter hounds anyway . All that's left is the hare and wild-fowl...spaniels are too daft to chase and hunt's just a few Travellers who hunt them with their ultra fast Lurcher dogs.
Himself went out early with our dogs for their walk so didn't become embroiled with muddy, over-excited Spaniels...he said there was no-one about at all...all quiet at Tom's...and all quiet at Wendy's. They were probably still in bed.
Henry and Mary are always quiet so he didn't bother to mention them.
The bank machines were down in town...caused by a power outage apparently...just as well we have enough cash for the next few days then. I didn't go in...just Himself to get a couple of bags of coal. We no longer buy it in tonnes the way we did in England when we had money enough to fill the big bunker we get a couple of bags at a time and turf that way as well.
Our coalman in England was Irish...I bought the tiniest Yorkshire terrier from him...he'd only eat tinned sardines. The dog...not the coalman. We didn't bring little Sammie to Ireland though...he went to live with some friends of ours who'd always made an awful pet of him. He was quite an odd little dog actually...never really took to him, but the coalman spun me some tale that I swallowed of course...he was so little he tended to get trodden on frequently which can't possibly have helped his temper...
I discovered...via the dreaded Facebook...that I have two great grand children...knew I had one but didn't know there was another. Bit weird really. They look like boys, but I'm uncertain...could be boyish looking little girls I suppose.
Ancestry hasn't come up with anything particularly interesting recently...I'm still wading my way through the 1500's and poor Richard Empson's people ...he who lost his head. I'm still totally befuddled as to how to begin to get all these people into some kind of's all very well adding them on to the tree but they are mounting up in an alarming fashion. I could do with a totally blank wall actually...put some old Viking at the top and carry on downwards 'til I reach the skirting board...come to think...there is no law I'd be breaking if I put people on a tree like that if they had stories to wouldn't have to be absolutely precise and exact after all.
Many of the earlier dates are downright iffy anyway...
I spent the afternoon in my shed, pottering about doing much and achieving little...but I've charged the camera battery up so now I can take some photos of the bags I've made and those shabby chic flowers...I like making them but have a feeling they are going out of fashion fast so maybe a bag embellished with one wouldn't be popular...try it and see I suppose.
Fish for supper tonight...not proper fish though...the sort that comes ready bread crumbed I'm afraid...and I'll make potato cakes to go with it.