It's Friday...which means it's grocery shopping...we always used to go on Thursday but I thought it'd be nice to have a change...interpret this as heavy sarcasm.
Actually, it's a pity keyboards don't have a sarcasm button. Mine would be worn out by the Tuesday.
Christmas shopping is in full swing...the aisles are groaning under the weight of chocolates and fancy biscuits and the cool cabinets have those over-priced and scanty little polystyrene trays of various fancy fishy things...I saw one which was four prawns wrapped in cost € 5 which is just silly.
There are trifles and gateaux and elaborate cakes smothered in cream...speaking personally I'd rather have a yoghurt or a slice of Camembert and decent water biscuit...
The prices leap up and down with no rhyme or reason...Brussels' sprouts were 19 cent for a bag of tiny rock hard ones which are absolutely the best but the t-bags had rocketed up by 2 Euro from last week...we keep being encouraged to 'buy Irish'...the till receipt tells you how much you've bought which was made and produced or grown in Ireland and Irish t-bags cost twice as much! I wonder if some customers imagine we grow tea here...probably.
A rough Traveller woman asked me how much were the cheese slices and she was polite about it...I don't think she could read the price actually because she was looking for the cheapest ones but had the most expensive in her hand...her little boy was in one of the cars they have attached to a trolley for people with a child. They sit sort of underneath with the trolley on top...there's a steering wheel for them to turn and it does keep small people occupied and quiet.
I went to Emma when I'd finished...she's a bright and breezy sort of a girl who chatters away nineteen to the dozen...she was telling me she has two little brothers both of whom still believe in Santy. One is rising twelve and the other is nine...I thought it lovely that they are still sufficiently child-like to believe in Father Christmas...
It's been really cold today which came as something of a shock after the past few very mild days...I spent the afternoon in my shed tidying up a does get slightly disordered when I've been concentrating on sewing something or other.
Himself has said we can go to Sligo on Monday to the craft/fabric shop and he'll let me have some money to spend as my Christmas/ birthday present...I'm still trying to work out whether he's being patronising or not. That's the worst of a joint pension...I never have any proper sort of money to call my own as it were. But I hasten to add I'm certainly not complaining...I'll take whatever I'm given.
That's it I think.