Another good's been incredibly mild for reasons unknown...probably global long as we don't see a melting ice cap coming over the hill anytime soon.
I've been struggling to explain learning disability but had to give'd have been a feckin book. Just can't get that man who was beaten to death out of my mind...our people...the people we looked after that is, could all too easily have been in his place.
I've never been violent...unless you count the day I threw a plate of spaghetti Bolognese at my eldest missed him because he ducked and it hit the kitchen wall instead...but when reading reports like those I honestly want to make the people responsible suffer. Though it wouldn't be through an act of violence ...a small plain cell with a thin mattress and one rough blanket. No privileges whatsoever...plain every day doing something incredibly boring and repetitive...and I couldn't give a fig if their marriages broke up and their children disowned them.
It won't happen though.
People with a learning disability can be awkward and stroppy...they can behave in ways which are anti-social and some can react in a violent way when they are teased or mocked. Some may be loving and kind and only want a peaceful life where they know they are loved and wanted and cared for...others may be awkward and difficult. They won't bath unless told to do so and stuff too much toilet paper into the toilet and block the drains...they forget to close the bathroom door and pee noisily when you have visitors and don't do their flies up when they come down for a cup of tea...
There are those who shout and swear in the street and alarm passersby and some...perhaps a little more able, who try their very best to live in doorways and on park benches and sort through bins behind cafes for enough food to eat.
If you go back into your family history you'll have people like that. Born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around their throat maybe, cutting off the oxygen for a few vital seconds...born to undernourished mothers lacking in essential vitamins...those thugs who stood by while that man was beaten to a pulp will have ancestors who were damaged. Maybe they became beggars on the street...perhaps they were taken in by a kindly farmer and taught how to milk the cows and given a bed in the barn.
They used to be called 'the village idiot'...we all know of them. The man or woman who dressed in odd clothes and roamed about muttering under their breath...they lived with elderly parents and were accepted for who they were.
What's happened to our humanity...what is it which makes a man beat another into a pulp while he cries for his Daddy...
We can react with shock and horror...we can think about supposing that was our disabled brother or a distant cousin...I can recall Geoffrey and Trevor and know if anyone laid so much as a finger on them I'd be there like a fuckin wild cat whatever I might say about being non-violent...
The internet throws up some seriously interesting has brought me good and loyal brings information from all over our world...but just sometimes that information is not what we can understand.