Time was you knew who the good guys were...and policemen came almost near the top of the list of the good people. I would have said a priest or a vicar was top and thought better of it...
Anyway...we were taught as children that if you found yourself in trouble you spoke to a policeman...and he would help you. They were safe weren't they, with their reassuring uniforms and polished boots.
They caught bad people and made sure they were locked up in prison...so we felt safe.
One of my on-line friends posted an item today which made me feel sick...a homeless man in California who was described as mentally challenged with the mind of an eleven year old but totally harmless...was deliberately, and with malice, beaten to death in a sustained attack by police officers. He hadn't actually done anything...he wasn't being provoking or annoying...he didn't wave a gun about and threaten anyone...he was...just there.
There were six police-men altogether...three stood and watched...two held the homeless man down while the third beat his face to a bloody pulp.
Paramedics arrived and treated the main instigator of the attack for a very small graze on his elbow...before they attempted to treat the homeless man who was bleeding to death in front of them.
The policemen? They're out on bail.
Perhaps the homeless man was usually irritating...maybe he would pee in alley-ways or call out to people passing by...he might have muttered to himself or perhaps he was in the habit of calling the policemen silly names as they walked about the town.
No matter which country you hail from the police force of your country have to be as white as driven snow...they have to uphold the law even if they do feel like thumping a child rapist or bashing the murderer of an old person...they have to be seen to practice restraint because we expect them to and because they are trained to do so and because if they didn't, our respective countries would be reduced to a state of anarchy within a very short space of time.
If I knew with absolute certainty that all six policemen were to be charged with murder...sentenced to a lengthy prison term and have their pensions and privileges removed immediately I might feel there was some kind of justice. But Casey felt that isn't going to happen...they'll be quietly 'retired' perhaps...