Perhaps I'd better qualify my Cottagers Blog from yesterday...about the weather anyway, 'cos the rest was accurate enough, apart from the fact that you don't need to be paddling about in mud if you get sorted and have a few loads of stone delivered. Or have a lovely tarmaced drive like Lorna's...I could kill for her drive and yard.
Anyway, the weather. Ireland is mild and known for being wet...but there are always days and nights when there are exceptions of course and sometimes it's seriously cold...and there are days in the summer when it's actually too hot to be outside unless you sit down by the river under the Chestnut trees.
Spring in Ireland is stunning...the days are growing longer and the hedges are white with Hawthorn blossoms...the roadside verges brilliant yellow with Dandelions...hedge bottoms are crammed with Primroses and Violets and it is often very mild...certainly mild enough to wear a t-shirt...April is the month when people paint the outsides of their houses and power-wash walls and roofs...
May can be a bit iffy...sometimes the lovely April weather continues on...but sometimes it turns seriously cold and ranges are lit and sweaters put on again. Very early May is when the Blackthorn blossom comes out...locally it is called Blackthorn winter because of the way the weather can turn chilly.
June and July are usually pleasant enough...sometimes very hot...often very wet.
September is another lovely month...long warm days and clear skies but now the evenings are growing chilly...
November through to March is winter proper...sometimes it rains...other winters it doesn't. Sometimes it'll snow and freeze and the roads are impassable because the Council hasn't any money to spend on grit or salt...all the schools close of course, it'll only take one very small snowflake to fall for the Education bods to panic.
Remember when I write about muddy roads and hen-houses made from a couple of pallets that we are in the North-West...most of the rest of Ireland is pretty much civilised...some areas even have a snow-plough...the weather pattern is much the same all over Ireland, apart from the mountainous regions where there will be deep snow for most of the winter months, enough in places for skiers to enjoy their sport.
So, that's the weather in Ireland.