It was bitterly cold last night and I'd fully expected to see a sharp frost this morning...either it had been and gone again or there wasn't one in the first place 'cos it was just gloomy...and cold.
Anyway I was cross and ratty this morning mainly because Eilis pulled the covers off in the night and re-arranged them to her liking rather than mine...and I'd spent ages looking for shooting stars through the window so I was still knackered...and I only saw one little tiny shooting star that was there and gone again...plenty of aeroplanes though.
The second week of the Richard 111 course hasn't been much to my liking actually...I've skipped over the boring bits but the least boring was about the three field crop growing system which I can still remember with heartfelt misery from school days. If we were obliged to draw that feckin three field system once, we must have drawn it a hundred times ...and the worst part was we never did find out what crops the peasants actually grew. Nor was there a mention of weather or soil conditions which would have affected the yield...
I suppose children nowadays would ask...we just sat very quietly and only spoke when spoken to...!
When you think about it now, the teachers must have been awful.
I did some sewing this afternoon while watching the donkeys out on our little field...they were racing about with flaring nostrils and bawling at the tops of their voices...Jack is so little and so fat he does look funny when he runs about...old Neddy stayed in the barn out of the way.
Anyone who sews will know you get masses of tiny little scraps which have to be thrown away because they simply are too small to do anything with. But I found a machine on-line which apparently solves the problem of wasting all those little bits. It looks just like a sewing machine but doesn't need to have thread...there are six needles which all work together to punch the scraps into a piece of base fabric...producing, what is in effect, a new piece of material.
So I'm dithering again as to whether to save up for one of these machines or not. They aren't cheap by any means and some of the reviews I've read are scathing while others are positively glowing. But then I read Amazon book reviews and have been horribly disappointed by books described by other readers as 'gripping' when I've given up in disgust after the first chapter...
Wendy and Jason have been leaving their cars in the forestry road next to their cottage...the surrounds of the cottage are actually thick mud and the horses tramp about next to the back there isn't anywhere dry to park their cars. Wendy went out this morning to find the back window on her car smashed beyond repair...she went to buy another car this afternoon after realising that replacing the window would cost more than the car is worth. We're all hoping it was some sort of freak accident otherwise Hubert might have to start patrolling our street with his shotgun...Nancy is useless as a guard dog...she just keels over on her back and waves her legs about.
And Henry is still wearing his wig, though thankfully he usually puts a woolly bobble hat on top. He told Himself he has been diagnosed with diabetes and went into a long and complicated explanation about testing his blood sugar...high blood sugar is cured by going for a walk. So if it isn't high he doesn't bother to walk down the street.
I had a very brief look in the chest which houses the Christmas decorations...shuddered...and closed it up again. If the Mistle Thrush who has taken up residence in the Hawthorn tree doesn't discover the Holly berries, then I shall cut a couple of small branches and put them in a an earthenware jug...she can eat them when they've gone a bit soft and squashy.