Max had a run in with someone peculiar, who decided...Max that is...smoked too much, ate the wrong kind of food, and so on.
These people are not, and I repeat...not ill. They don't have a neat label you can pin on them and you can't...with the best will in the world 'help'.
What they do veer towards is a lack of they take that out on a mere acquaintance by bombarding them with perceived faults.
We've all met them at some time or another...those that pick over your choice of hairstyle or your shoes or the fact you eat meat or don't eat meat or that'd you'll get an instant brain tumour 'cos you dye your hair bright purple...
They aren't suffering from anything...apart from being a feckin pain in the neck...they don't have bi-polar and they aren't manic...they are simply downright odd.
So, how to cope with such a person...raised eyebrows are good when they proclaim you on the road to hell because you eat meat...a slightly quizzical expression when they happily announce you smoke too much is too much is a favourite retort of mine...when you pour your third glass of red wine and they tut...loudly...say your Doctor has told you to drink red wine because of your ...and here you insert whatever you feel like...high blood pressure...nerves...low blood sugar...foul'll think of something when pushed.
These rather sad people are not out to get might feel horribly personal at the time but they'd latch onto aren't special you see.
They might well have a glitch somewhere in their personality...but they are not ill! They are simply slightly weird...and you are wasting your energy and your time when, and if, you decide to challenge them over their behaviour. It'll fall on deaf ears...honestly.
It'd be easier, wouldn't it, if they were suffering from some known could ask were they taking their medication though that might get you a slap in the face.
Don't fret when you meet these people...and most of us will at some time or another. Smile politely...steer clear of social occasions which involve them...stay aloof I suppose.
Our very own mad lady was a classic example of someone totally desperate to anyone. She'd not have been fussed if she'd met up with a mad axe long as someone was taking notice of her. Those people are not ill. They are not mentally ill. They are sad and needy that's all.
And they are also quite clever in that they home in on what we feel to be 'our faults' we feel a bit guilty and we think we can help and we can't.
Just leave those people be...don't rise to their pokes and prods about know who you are. You know your own values and you know what makes you tick...
Leave them allowing them to intrude on your life you are allowing them a small victory...and why should you ever do that?