Don't quite know what happened to that week...but it's gone.
Grocery shopping this morning...saw Potty Penny but she was without her trolley and the cat's liver thank heavens, so didn't need to hastily avert my eyes...she was buying baccy and Whiskey...hopefully not intended for her cats, but you can never tell.
That really nice couple were at the same check-out as I was...they are dressed like expensive hippies...I'd love to know how they make their living actually, but it's not something you can simply ask outright really...and there isn't the time to indulge in a conversation when the cashier is waiting patiently for me to count my money out.
Jurgita has had her nails done again...this time she has purple sparkly bits right on the ends and the rest is bright pink...very pretty actually. They aren't her own nails though...I asked her. She's Lithuanian...I know 'cos I asked her that as well. She wears fingerless gloves in the winter because she says the cold here isn't the same as the cold in her home country.
The shop is decorated to within an inch of its life with banners and balloons and so on...and there are those tiny oranges for little wooden crates. If they still have leaves on, they cost more. Because we both eat them on and off all day long I buy the ones in the wooden crates because I can use them for other things afterwards...don't buy the oranges with leaves on though...can't eat the leaves.
Now they are called Satsuma's and they don't have huge pips inside. We always had Mandarin Oranges when I was a child which smelt heavenly and tasted sour and were full of enormous pips. But we ate them anyway.
One of the cold cabinets had some Turkey mince on special offer...I read the label on the back of the pack and saw those dreadful words which strike me down with terror...Connective I dropped the package hastily and picked up some cheese instead. Know where I am with plain old Cheddar cheese that tastes of nothing much and goes mouldy in the 'fridge the very minute its sell-by date arrives.
The tattoo book I ordered for Jamie came this morning...its brilliant. The most stunning photographs of truly amazing body-art...there's very little text, I was a bit concerned there'd be pages of writing but it's all photographs with a small amount of explanatory text at the bottom of each takes Jamie ages to make sense of the written word you see.
When we came home I wrapped up a parcel which needs to be posted soon 'cos it's going abroad. I hate wrapping stuff up...the Sellotape won't behave properly...the paper falls off the table and gets covered in dog hair...and when it's finally done, I look at it with deep suspicion, and shake it and rattle it in case it all falls to bits...
By the time I'd done that and put the shopping away it was beginning to grow dark...there is the merest sliver of a new moon and the sky is beginning to fill with stars...time to think about supper then.