Done it.
The Christmas shopping that is. I no longer send anything to the grandchildren abroad because the postage is horrendous and trying to wheedle some sort of a thank-you out of them is disheartening. It has to be electronic anyway...if it doesn't make beeping noises or have a row of buttons and a little screen they aren't interested.
So this year I've bought a few odds and ends for our adopted grandchildren next door...I enjoy buying presents actually...and when someone opens a gift I've chosen and says Oh Wow! or words to that makes it really pleasurable.
The little boys have books...dinosaurs for Jack with lovely illustrations and loads of facts on each page...Alex has Creepy Creatures of the Night...and that's about bats and so on which appear in the hours of darkness...there's some poetic licence involved...they aren't all European animals...there are tropical ones as well...and again plenty of facts and figures.
Then she is a self-confessed Geek who always has her nose buried in a book and she isn't a girly girl either. Pyjamas I thought...they're all pink with glittery bits or stupid looking kittens with enormous eyes on the tops and I flicked through the racks in despair at finding anything not over the top girly until I saw some plain bottoms to mix and match with plain tops...and some socks which have the word Geek written at the top...she has a sense of humour far beyond her age so hopefully will find those as amusing as I did...the other two pairs in the pack have spectacles on them
Jamie's book about tattoos is on its way and I also found a big drawing pad in Lidl's...
I can get a few little bits locally to go in with their main parcels. And I actually really enjoyed it...surprised myself to be honest because I do find Christmas a bit of a trial...
The shops were quiet enough...perhaps most people are waiting until the last minute or simply don't have enough money to spend...the prices seem to be ludicrous actually, out of all proportion to what the item is surely worth. And I don't shop in expensive shops either...only in the cheap and cheerful chain stores.
Lidl's had some of those three meat roasts...chicken, turkey and duck...they were cheap actually, so I bought one of those... they don't have any horrible additives because I read the entire packaging...then I bought myself a couple of jars of vegetarian pate which are easy enough to make but also much easier to buy ready-made...!
I'd intended to see if Emma could cut my hair but then forgot until we were on the way home...silly really, when Lorna, who lives next door but one, does hairdressing in her home...but I think she specialises in the blue rinse sort of customers...
Not that I know for certain mind you...just presuming.
It was horrid weather coming home from Roscommon town...heavy mist shrouding the fields and almost dark...everyone had their car lights on and it was only two in the afternoon.