Why do people feel the need to announce their sexuality on the internet...so what if there have been rumours...isn't is slightly old hat to make a little film and sit there looking either sheepish or embarrassed and announce you have a boyfriend actually...erm...but my Mum is standing by me and I know my fans will understand.
Just what business is it of anyone's who you choose to fall in love or lust with but yours and yours alone...so what if there are rumours...that's easily solved. Go out to dinner or the cinema and make certain some eejit with a camera catches you 'off-guard' holding hands with your boy or girlfriend. Sorted. Now the tabloids will have a field day and you are outed.
And why does everyone go on journeys nowadays...dance competitors say they are enjoying the 'journey' what journey...they haven't been anywhere...sportspeople training for the next Olympics or the next race announce that they hope their fans will join them on their 'journey'...where to? Outer Siberia?
A lad who is a diving champion...well not actually a champion, he won a Bronze medal for England...has announced he's in a relationship with a man...well, bully for him. Then he hastily said he still fancies girls...so why couldn't he say he's bi-sexual then...
There was a nurse at the hospital where I did my training who was bi-sexual...he was totally drop dead gorgeous...very tall, very Black and very yummy altogether. We knew he was bi-sexual...he knew he was bi-sexual. All we really cared about was whether he'd be on the Badminton team so we'd have a chance of winning 'cos that was his game...and whether he'd be at the dance on a Saturday night because he was a brilliant dancer...he was an excellent nurse so we didn't bother much about that aspect. What he did in the privacy of his own home was of no concern of ours...
Were we naive then? Because we didn't give a fig...Shirley was a lesbian and we loathed her...not because she was Gay but because she had appalling BO and was seriously lazy. If you wanted to know where Shirley was when there was an unpleasant job to do, she'd be lurking in the linen cupboard having a crafty ciggie. The fact she lived with an equally unappealing girl was neither here nor there.
Shirley never made a big production about 'coming out'...Pierre didn't make an announcement that he was bi-sexual...we just knew and accepted them because we worked with them and Pierre was a friend anyway.
But nowadays, thirty, forty years on from my days at the hospital we seem to have gone all coy, and the media announce Gay partnerships as though they've discovered life on Mars and people get a bit hot under the collar and wriggle about awkwardly when the next 'celebrity' comes out.
So called actresses appear barely clothed showing what is apparently called sideboobs...that's when their frocks don't fit properly...Miley Cyrus stimulates what passes for sex in her sad little world, on stage, in front of hundreds of adoring teenagers and we still need to be introduced carefully to the idea that some icon, most of us have never heard of, is attracted to people of the same sex.