Another quiet day here on the bog...though I haven't been quite as idle as usual. Haven't done any housework if that's what you're thinking, but did do some more of the history course. It's veered back to who was who and when which is a bit like having my teeth pulled because I simply cannot grasp the dates and the relationships between step-brothers and half-Uncles etc.
Numbers have always caused me problems...then I found out some years ago there is a condition called dyscalculia which is much like dyslexia is for words and was such a relief to realise I wasn't thick after all.
For instance...if I see the date 1663 and read a person was born then and married when they were twenty I can't work out their marriage year without writing it a little sum. And sometimes I use the calculator just to make certain. When I've been on Ancestry for half an hour, my desk is covered in bits of paper with numbers scribbled down all over them...
Can't cope with loose change in my purse either...I know the paper money but get into an awful muddle if I have to count out the coins. Now I keep a one euro coin for the shop trolley and tip all the rest into a jar when I can count it out slowly and carefully.
Jamie came down this afternoon to see me...he's thoroughly enjoying his day a week at the tattoo parlour and is getting his own tattoos next week...Mum on one arm and Dad on the other with some swirly bits around the lettering...then one on his chest which will be in white ink so it looks like a fancy scar...he'll have to pay for that one though. The Mum and Dad are being done for free from the tattooist.
After Jamie had gone home I remembered I'd intended to get him a book about tattoos for I looked on Amazon but the choice is over-whelming and because I want to get one without text or very little text it's difficult to find one that suits. No point in giving him one he can't read after all. In the end I chose one which is of Japanese and Oriental tattoos which previous buyers had given five stars for the quality of the wasn't expensive either.
While I was in my shed I'd left the half door open because the sun was shining...the big black cat suddenly leapt over the door and landed on the floor with a resounding thud, his eyes were like saucers and his tail like a flue brush...he was so lucky to have crossed the yard without Bobby seeing him. I picked him up...he weighs a ton...and lugged him back across the yard into the safety of the garden. I do so wish Bobby wasn't hell-bent on murdering the cats...I'd really love to have them indoors.
So that's about it...