I'll never quite grow used to the sad ones who trawl the internet in a vain search for recognition...even my training hasn't prepared me for the sheer volume of those who can't interact with others without meanness and spite lacing every sentence.
We ought to be kind and understanding and make a cup of tea and hand over a handful of nice little pills I suppose, but it's awful hard to have any sympathy when the bile they expel is so foul.
The ladies on my ward when I was working were quite mad...I don't mean that in an offensive way...they suffered from a multitude of different mental illnesses and most of them had never been properly diagnosed. They were never mean or spiteful...they'd help each other to get dressed for instance or to go to the loo...my ladies had a deep empathy for each other...they looked out for their friends and never wavered in their loyalty. They looked after each other as best as they could and showed a steadfast kindness to those less able than themselves.
Multiply threw up some odd folks...there were a couple who suffered from paranoia and a few who appeared to deliberately provoke whichever way they could...I joined a site called Another BlogSpot when Multiply was closing and it was stuffed full of the seriously deluded and awful sad who revelled in using the foulest language...they all appeared to be anti-Obama and some of the blatantly racist comments and blogs would be enough to make your hair curl...
I don't really grasp what pleasure there is to be gained in a deliberate effort to distress and upset...if you aren't quite mad...like my ladies who had a glitch somewhere which caused them to behave in bizarre ways...or if you aren't a paid up member of the Ku Klux Khan...spending energy on ranting about Barrack Obama's skin colour...if you are an apparently ordinary sort of a person with a house and a cat and a new cooker who says Hi to the next door neighbour and shops in Asda and then hunches over your laptop to spill bile and venom...what exactly is wrong with a person like that.
Do they have some undiagnosed glitch in their mind...would they be described as 'quite mad'...what is it that drives them to behave in such a way.
Some of my ladies couldn't be allowed out unless accompanied by three members of staff...they could be dangerous you see...but deliberately mean and cruel? They might well have knocked you flying down the stairs because of some muddled thought...but they'd never have been mean nor spiteful for the sake of it.
Underneath the burden they carried of their illness...they were kindly and gentle souls...you'd have been heartless not to have loved them for who they were.
But I struggle with those who are mentally perfectly able...who can hold down a job and bear children and drive a car...who do their washing and go for a coffee and choose a bargain in the supermarket and are apparently devoid of empathy towards their fellows.