Hello...this is your friend Millie.
I have not writ a blog for ages and ages 'cos Mummy says I make pawprints on the key boardy thing and I can't help having big feets actually it was the way I was borned.
I've got a nice new friend and her name is Nancy and shes much bigger than me but she is nice and she doesn't sniff my bottom. I don't like it when people sniff my bottom. Nancy comes into our yard and she tries to chase those cats that belong to Mummy and then Mummy gets a bit cross actually.
I don't chase the cats 'cos they spit and one smacked me once right on my nose and it hurted a bit and I made a funny noise that Daddy calls a yelp. That is a silly sort of word actually.
We haven't been to the seaside for ages and ages 'cos Mummy was a bit poorly and then Daddy was a bit poorly and then that nice man who cuddles me came back and he was a bit busy actually so we didn't go to the seaside then either.
But we go down our street every day 'cos Daddy has to make sure that Adams house is alright. Adams got a dog as well like my new friend Nancy, Adams dog is called Jasmine which I think is a silly name but she might be my friend as well. And Adam has got some of those chicken creatures that run about a lot when I chase them but I musn't chase Adams creatures 'cos we have to be friends with our new neighbours. That's what Mummy says anyway.
I'd better stop now 'cos Daddy is getting our tea ready and I don't want to miss mine 'cos I like my tea.
I hope you are all well, love from your friend Millie.