Sometimes trawling the internet for a specific item can drive me to total despair...
Live in America?...No in Ireland and you might as well be asking to purchase something from Mars and hoping the postage won't cost too much.
I want to buy a stuffing's for inserting the stuffing into small narrow a dolls arm or leg. It is an incredibly simple little gadget, but according to all who own and use one, it's virtually invaluable.
So I logged on and searched high and low...tried doll making supplies...America and Australia both have firms and suppliers and charge at least the cost of the item in postage...tried E-Bay and it helpfully showed pages of silver forks used to scoop the stuffing out of there's very posh...fancy having a special fork just for stuffing. Then I tracked down the stuffing forks I wanted... they were from sellers in...America.
Thought I'd hit gold when an English site popped up...she doesn't ship abroad and didn't have forks anyway...she had practically everything else though.
If you happen to be out and about and you see a small packet containing a bit of plastic with two poky bits on the it please and send to me...I'll be eternally grateful!